July 21st


hpedit: Dobby’s Death 

 ‘Harry ... Potter ...‘
  And then with a little shudder the elf became quite still, and his
eyes were nothing more than great, glassy orbs sprinkled with
light from the stars they could not see.

This scene makes me cry EVERY TIME!

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Welcome New Followers!

I’ve noticed a steady trickle of new followers over the past month or so. 


I’m guessing it is the Discworld quotes that brought you to my piece of Tumblr.  If you love Discworld, you can’t be a bad person.  :-D

I will warn you that the quotes are just copied and pasted from my Kindle, so it isn’t all Discworld all the time.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that a Harry Potter is next.  I do have a lot of Discworld quotes though.

Warning 2: I do swear, and post about life stuff, including PCOS.  I also reblog things, post pictures of the dogs, and various outdoor and other pictures.

It has been a very weird summer though, so it has mostly been quotes and book reviews.

I also disappear from time to time because of life.

So, I guess welcome and now you have been warned!

I am super happy to talk to you as well, although mobile tumblr likes to hide my notifications.  If I don’t get back to you, that is probably why, feel free to bug me.

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I literally had to pause the movie and go outside

Damn it! This is just as bad as the ASPCA commercials!

I have a house full of rescue animals, but I still feel guilty as fuck. I need to become super rich so I can adopt aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll of the poor kitties and puppies. And we would play together all day long. And I would hire people to come love on them so that all of them feel love.

I am a bit of a soft touch when it comes to rescue animals…

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July 20th

We spent an hour in the tree house drinking beer and reading comic books.

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July 19th
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July 17th




area 51 is just the american wizarding school

aliens is a perfect cover story


But New Mexico is HOT. I don’t want to go to Wizard School where it’s HOT!

Logically the US is a lot bigger than the UK. We probably have more than one Wizarding School (I’d think there’s one in, like, MA or something) and at least one has to be somewhere with reasonable temperatures, right?

Area 51 is in Nevada, but it is still hot. New Mexico has Roswell. So, still aliens…

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There are many good views up here.

There are many good views up here.

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Good News Everyone! The tree house has wifi!

Good News Everyone! The tree house has wifi!

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 ‘There can’t be anyone alive out there,’ said the other wizard, and he said it nervously, because if you ruled out the possibility of it being anyone alive that always left the suspicion that perhaps it was someone dead. 
— Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)
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 Has it been pointed out that his feet were several inches off the ground? His feet were several inches off the ground. 
— Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)
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 It looked like a piano sounds shortly after being dropped down a well. It tasted yellow, and felt Paisley. It smelled like a total eclipse of the moon. Of course, nearer to the tower it got really weird. 
— Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)
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July 16th
 The area around the tower of Al Khali, under the relentless magical bombardment, was already drifting beyond that reality horizon where time, space and matter lose their separate identities and start wearing one another’s clothes. It was quite impossible to describe. 

Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)

Even when he says it is impossible to describe, somehow, Mr. Pratchett manages. :-)

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 Well, he’d show them. Precisely who ‘they’ were and what they were going to be shown was merely a matter of detail. 
— Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)
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 ‘Hey, that was my palace,’ said Creosote weakly. ‘I mean, I know it was a lot, but it was all I had.’ 
— Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)
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July 15th
 ‘Poor I don’t mind,’ said the Seriph, ‘It’s sobriety that is giving me difficulties.’ 
— Terry Pratchett (Sourcery)
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